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March 12, 2012:
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How Effective is the Heat Ray Gun

Can people handle pain from millimeter wavelength microwaves?

Raytheon's Active Denial System, dubbed the Pain Ray by some, is essentially a complex heat gun mounted on a truck that uses microwaves to penetrate the skin at one sixty fourth of an inch, creating a sensation of burning. This causes people to move away from the heat source quickly and is hoped to be a new way to keep demonstrators from getting too close to certain areas, or keep mobs from getting too violent. As a heat gun, it has been tested repeatedly but has not been deployed in a real crowd control situation, as the commander in Afghanistan had a prototype shipped back to the US when Taliban propaganda stated that the system was being used to give locals cancer, so presumably the preferred method of dispersing violent and dangerous elements has gone back to more lethal forms of defense, as it is apparently better to teargas or shoot people rather than make them think they might get cancer later.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: A true test of this system on a crowd could yield unanticipated results such as a stampede or trampling, as people in the front push back on the people behind them.